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On Friday 05 October 2001 15:46, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wonder if anyone has implemented the APIs using ADO to access data
> from a Excel workbook file (.xls) file.
> For my own interests, I just want to find out the way to use Lua to
> acess a data source (Namely, Excel Workbook file) for prototyping AI
> concepts.
> I am trying make Lua to be able to access .xls file using the APIs
> (implemented in C/C++ using ADO) with toLua. I'm not sure whether it
> is the easiest way or not,but at least, that is the only solution I
> can think of now.
> Any comment or suggestion?
> Thanks,
> Nelson


You can try LuaCom. It is a binding between Lua and COM...
You can download it from
(it includes source and binary distributions)

It comes with an example that shows how to access the ADO interface
from Lua.