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On Sat, 2001-09-29 at 10:59, jon fernquest wrote:

> I'd love to volunteer.
> Right now I have a lot of free time.
> I've been poking around a lot with Plua,
> PocketC, and Forth on the Palm, and some simple
> metrowerk's C applications as well as RsrcEdit on the Palm.
> I'm new to Lua and the Palm (Perl, Python, C experience)
> so I'm ready and willing to take some subordinate position
> involving certain coding tasks, testing, documentation, etc...
> Dragon Forth directly exposes the underlying all the low-level
> Palm API functions. This might be too low-level for Lua (?)
> but it would make it easier to build functionality with Plua
> it's not exactly obvious how to extract all the to do list items
> for a given category.
> API functions like PocketC's for memos
> (Palm OS's makeshift file system) , DOC files ,
> and To Do list entries would also be useful.
> Could you point me to the source of the GCC tools you're
> using?

	Well I am using the PRC-tools and the pilrc. Then prc tools is the gcc
for palm and pilrc is a resource compiler. You will also need a palm os
SDK, the last one is the 4.0.

prc-tools page :

pilrc page :

palm os sdk :

	I will release the source code I made so far. But it's not much realy.
It has only a modifyed lua code to compile with the palm SDK. The main
problem is that the palm SDK does not suport a few ansi C functions. It
has a substitute for most of them, but you need to work arround small
problems like parameter order and the like.

	Also Palm OS does not have stdio, it does lack a "file system". Plua
seems to have solved this by using palm databases or memos (from the
memo pad) as files. I have not done this part for now, so the only way
to test my palm lua code is to use dostring and not dofile. I HAVEN'T

	I must confess that I am not entirely satisfied with the code I have
now. It lacks a single strategy for porting, in one file I do one thing
to solve a problem and in other I did something diferent, so it realy
mess. But this did help me to understand better what are the issues in
the port. I am thinking in starting over with the 4.1 version, but I'm
not shure if this is realy stable now. Also by the discussions here in
the list, it seems that lua 4.1 is not even in a feature freeze stage. 

	Well here comes few pointer to help anyone entering the palm-os
develpment world. :-)

palm opensource:
	Plenty of open source software, both useful and also there is polenty
of sample code. 

PalmOs 3.5 Programming:

	Well I do have other ponter but they aren't anywhere I can find right
now. :-/ 

[]'s Victor Bogado da Silva Lins