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--- Thatcher Ulrich <> wrote:
> I need an easy-to-use interactive Lua app for the other coders and artists
> at my company to play with, to help sell them on using Lua in our next
> game, get them excited about it, and start the learning process along.
> The ideal thing would be an interactive console, with some hooks for doing
> simple 2D graphics. The lead asked for  "Something nice like Lua running
> Flash or Logo would be ideal."
> Has to run on Windows.  I'm sure there are a thousand apps like this, so
> I'm wondering if people can point me at a good one.  Titmouse seems like
> the ideal UI, but I'm not sure how to hook it up with graphics.

Check out Yindo.  Lua as a web plugin with OpenGL bindings and more.  It's a
pretty impressive display of what Lua is capable of.


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