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I have found that section confusing at times as well. However, taking it out
would not be good, as it is really quite helpful once you get a handle on
what is going on. I would recommend complementing it with sample code for an
implementation of each tag method, so you can see how the two work together.

It would be nice to see an example of creating a tag, changing its tag
methods, and invoking one of those tag methods. That way you could trace the
execution of the sample code from beginning to end.

Just my $.02


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> Figueiredo
> Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 8:16 AM
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> Subject: RE: get/setglobal
> The manual describes what happens when a global variable is
> assigned, which
> is exactly what happens when the "setglobal" *function* is called.
> The code given is a sample implementation of the "setglobal" *function*;
> embedded in it is the semantics of the "setglobal" *tag method*, which has
> a different signature. The confusion comes from this: the code is not for
> a sample "setglobal" *tag method* but for the "setglobal" *function*.
> Sorry about that. We'll have to see how the manual can be improved.
> Suggestions welcome.
> --lhf