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> More "standard"?

Well, more "standard" than using '--', which I've never seen before in
my limited experience looking at various languages.

> Of course, you're right.  Lua should use ';' for comments, or 
> perhaps a 'C' in column 1.  Or '#'.  Or enclose them in 
> '{...}'.  Or...

The only reason I consider "//" as "more standard" is that it happens to
be used by, arguably, three of the most ubiquitous programming languages
in the world -- ANSI C, C++, and Java.

Although, frankly, I think # or ; would have been generally
understandable also since they're commonly used in scripting languages.

> Lua is not C.  In fact, if you look closely, you'll find that 
> most languages aren't C.

I didn't say that it SHOULD have "//" style comments, I just wanted to
know why it didn't (the answer to which would then determine if I could
easily patch it to add support for // comments if I so desired).

It was an honest question, I'm not sure why you responded so