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1.  This has probable come up before, but why doesn't Lua have more
standard comment types (-- always seems like either a hyphen, dash or
decrement to me), including a block comment ability like /* */.  Is the
"$if nil" mechanism completely like #if 0, or does it still parse the
code inside the block?

2.  My biggest problem so far has been the documentation.  I just
finally stumbled on the definition of lua_pushuserdata -- I thought it
was deprecated because it doesn't show up AT ALL in the reference manual
or the draft book.  It would be nice if macros were notated in some way
so that it's obvious that they're macros, e.g. LUA_PUSHUSERTAG() or

So far I like the language quite a bit, it's pretty straight forward in
its operation.  When I can find the documentation =)