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> From: Joshua Jensen []
> I concur with your "Lua vs. Rolling-Your-Own" slide.  If I 
> were to write
> a language, it would almost be Lua.  :)  The only things I'd 
> change are:
> 2) I'd change the default number type from double to float.  
> Yeah, yeah,
> I know I can #define it, but the truth is, it doesn't work in Lua 4.1
> Alpha.  :)  (Amped crashes...)

I've been looking at this recently with v4.0 and it seems it would be rather
awkward. I haven't delved too deeply yet, but typedef Number is used for
both floating and integer values in struct Value - and a 32-bit float cannot
accurately represent a 32-bit int! What you may be seeing is "collisions"
between nearby integer values.

Having everything as double will be affecting performance as well as
footprint: on the PS2, one of the platforms I'm working with, double
precision has to be emulated in software.

-- Mat.