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A few suggestions...

I don't see any mention of "tolua".
I found this invaluable when integrating lua into my C++ game.
Makes it trivial to access C++ objects/methods.

Game developers will ask about performance, so you might
want to have some comparitive benchmark figures to hand.

Tell them it is free!!

A few more substantial code examples would help give people
a flavor of what the language is about (should be able to
get some from the lua website - the SPE paper has some
good ones:

A few more simple code examples would help clarify some points
e.g. "Variables are un-typed, only values have type" would
be given more meaning if you included a few examples, e.g.:
  function printVar(var)

  printVar({ 1, "string" })
  printVar(function() print("hello") end)

Concentrate more time on the "interesting/unusual" features
of lua (untyped variables, tables, tags, gsub) than on 
the syntax of the operations that you get in any language
(expressions/control structures) - people can easily pick
up the latter from the docs.

Mention that you can run it standalone (so people can
easily play with it to try it out).

Hope this helps...



John Batty

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Subject: Re: Lua presentation at XGDC3.0 (URL included this time ...

Replying to my own post, because it's late, and I'm stupid ...

> I've posted the (90% complete ;-) slides for the presentation that I'm
> going to give at the Extreme Games developer conference in San Jose,
> California ( for more information ;-)
> I'd appreciate any (constructive, please ;-) comments about the slides.
> I haven't finished writing up the slide notes, so they are not included,
> but you grizzled Lua veterans should get the gist of the presentation.
> The target level of the talk is intermediate to advanced game programmers.
> I have 50 minutes to talk (thus it's more of an "advertising" presentation
> rather than a tutorial -- sell them on Lua and they will do the research).
> Please let me know if you think anything is missing, glossed over, 
> too much information, (just plain crap ;-) etc.

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