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> I've posted the (90% complete ;-) slides for the presentation that I'm
> going to give at the Extreme Games developer conference in San Jose,
> California ( for more information ;-)
> I'd appreciate any (constructive, please ;-) comments about the slides.

Lua vs. VBA:
Pro Lua: VBA is harder to integrate [AFAIK], needing a knowledge of Com.
Also needs a licence from Microsoft (not needed for VBScript, less powerful).

I suppose that in Perl's "'Nuf sed", sed is a pun, not a typo...

Other languages often used as scripting language: JavaScript (or derivative,
see ActionScript of Flash), Tcl (same comment as Perl?), Scheme.

Perhaps in Build-in Types, write "table" instead of "tables". I know, I pick
on small details, but if you want perfection...
Userdatum? :-)

Tag methods: you forgot "gettable".

Control structures: "else" is optional too.

Otherwise, your presentation is nice, but hard to judge from a newbie point
of view... We are already tainted. But I think it is pretty clear and


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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