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Replying to my own post, because it's late, and I'm stupid ...

> I've posted the (90% complete ;-) slides for the presentation that I'm
> going to give at the Extreme Games developer conference in San Jose,
> California ( for more information ;-)
> I'd appreciate any (constructive, please ;-) comments about the slides.
> I haven't finished writing up the slide notes, so they are not included,
> but you grizzled Lua veterans should get the gist of the presentation.
> The target level of the talk is intermediate to advanced game programmers.
> I have 50 minutes to talk (thus it's more of an "advertising" presentation
> rather than a tutorial -- sell them on Lua and they will do the research).
> Please let me know if you think anything is missing, glossed over, 
> too much information, (just plain crap ;-) etc.

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