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I'm putting together my slides for a Lua presentation at XGDC 2001 
(  One of the first topics I'm going to cover is 
"lua vs. <other embeddable language here>".  

One language I'd like to compare Lua with is python -- However, I don't know 
much (anything ;-) about Python.  

I'd appreciate if those of you with experience with both Python and Lua 
could send me a few pros 'n cons concerning Lua vs. Python.

To avoid a ton of list traffic and a holy-war, please send replies directly
to me.  If there's interest, I'll summarize to the list

(also, I'll be putting the powerpoint file of my presentation up on the
web when I'm done)

Mike Cuddy (, MC312), Programmer, Daddy, Human.
Fen's Ende Software, Redwood City, CA, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way.

       Now I lay me down to sleep / CVS, I pray, my code to keep.  
       If disks crash before I wake: / format, newfs, cvs up, make.

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