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The message below was meant to the list. There's still a position open.
If you're interested, contact Paul Swanson at .

>From  Tue Sep  4 10:20:09 2001

Wow, Lua users are fanatical (and rightly so).  This ad was posted a
month ago, and the contract was filled shortly thereafter, so this
position is no longer available.

However, we are looking for one very experienced Lua programmer to
help develop the server-side of our board game technology.  The pay
won't be great, but you get to develop entirely in Lua, secure in the
knowledge that your efforts will make the internet a better place for
board gamers the world over.  

If you are interested in this contract, please send your resume,
monetary requirements, and the best piece of Lua code you can conjure
up (that you wrote, of course) to the email address below.  

Apologies to the creators of this wonderful language for (ab)using
their mailing list to further our own evil corporate cause.

Paul Swanson