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>The 4.0 luac output on my embedded platform has never been correct (3.2 was
>ok).  After investigation I found that luac doesn't close the output file.
>I know that it's perfectly within ANSI C to do this type of thing, but C
>library implementations (especially in the embedded world) are often less
>than perfect.  Would it be unreasonable to ask that the file be closed?

I'm sorry about that. This has already been fixed in 4.1 alpha.
The fix for 4.0 is 

<   if (stripping) strip(tf);
<   luaU_dumpchunk(tf,efopen(output,"wb"));
>   FILE* D;
>   if (stripping) strip(f);
>   D=efopen(output,"wb");
>   luaU_dumpchunk(f,D);
>   fclose(D);