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Any reason why we can't take advantage of free hosting at SourceForge? They
are very generous with badnwidth, hd space, etc. There are no fees of any
kind. We can even have DNS pointed to our web page there.

PLUS, we get tools like Patch Manager, CVS, Doc Tracker, etc. etc.

Again, I volunteer to set this up if there is interest. Perhaps we could
even run a Wiki there? Or keep that as a code repository and "silently" link
to a Wiki site?


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> Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 8:31 AM
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> From: "Philippe Lhoste" <>
> >>I just wonder what will happen if no volunteer is found to pay the
> charges... But I suppose there will be plenty of generous givers.
> That is a slight worry but I'm sure in time someone will offer
> free hosting or
> sponsorship :-D  I think in the first instance John is just
> offering to set the
> site up here as he is familiar with it.
> N