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I started to browser throught the Lua 4.1-alpha manual, looking for changes
and improvements :-)

I see an interesting new option in read: "*u<string>" to read until a string
is found. But I wonder why "*w" is dropped (in the source too). It can't be
replaced by "*u" because the isspace function can be true for several
different characters (space, tab, newline, etc.).

You say that the format option %n$ is obsolete, but I don't see it in the
previous manual. Perhaps it was already deprecated in 4.0?

Good idea, the format in the date function. It can be done with a strfind, I
suppose, but it is a time (and code) saver...

time and difftime are good too.

BTW, in [[ ]] strings, is there any way to have a ]] string? Not that it
appends often, but it can (Lua manual in HTML template generator like the one
seen at, C expression like foo[bar[n]], etc.).

You say that 'in' is a new keyword in Lua 4.1, but it was listed as keyword
in the Lua 4.0 manual. Perhaps it wasn't enforced?

I don't see quotes and double-quotes in the list of tokens. But perhaps I
miss the meaning of this list.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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