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Some messages are bugging me, so I feel the urge to answer :-)

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> >I'm not sure if this has been covered already but I've found a bug in 
> >Lua 4.0's lexer, dealing with line-endings under mac. If the file is 
> >saved with mac-endings ('\r') comments does not work

I think I have already mentioned a similar problem.
> I have compiled and used Lua in a Mac and I have never seen this.
> The C library should take care of translating \r to \n.
> Which compiler are you using?
> The only possible problem I can see is to edit a file on a Mac 
> and then run
> it on a Unix machine, having transfered it using binary mode 
> instead of text
> mode.

Or downloading by HTTP or SMTP, or transfering via a network or a mobile
media (er, medium ;-) like diskette or CD, or just saving with an editor
supporting alternate line ending...

If the patch doesn't break anything, it could be a good idea to include it.


> Would anybody who's using Outlook [Express] please, for the sake of the
> internet, and the saving of bandwidth either;
>    a) Stop using Outlook.  It's awful anyway.

>From somebody despising FUD targeting Linux...
Why is it awful? Do you know a free e-mail program which is as powerful as
I will give Mahogany a try when it will become stable.

> or b) At least stop using it's address book feature.  A piece of paper
>       is far more efficent.

Well, I don't like typing over and over the address, with the errors that
can result...
Now, there can be alternatives, indeed, like a simple flat text file...

> What we don't want is the latest Microsoft-Enabled virus emailing lua-l an
> ISO image or something equally massive.

Now, this is quite insulting, as you suppose we are so uneducated that we
click blindlessly on any attachment without checking the extension (without
even seeing it!), etc. Such worm (not virus) are more aimed at clueless users.


Roman Vanicek wrote:
> first of all, thanks for your suggestions. I am sorry I did not 
> mention the
> new releases on the list.

No need to be sorry, after all, usually it is up to the users of freewares
to regulary check if the Web site is updated... I just wanted to share my
discovery that Titmouse was working great and has its source released.

> The thanks should also go to Eric Ries 
> who pushed
> me to bring the titmouse to a more polished and working state and 
> to finally
> release the sources too.

Thanks Eric!
> There will also be a release of 'titmouse as the window component' for
> windows which we are now putting together Eric and me which will fullfill
> the purpose of the titmouse to be a  component easily usable from any
> hosting application.


I will take a look into the source and see if I can implement the following
suggestions before you :-)
- as someone mentioned, allow to open a file from the command line (allowing
also the use of the Send To).
- perhaps allowing also drag'n'drop of a Lua file into the window.
- adding a dialog to specify the working directory and the arguments of a
given Lua program.
- probably lot of other things, like parametring the Scintilla component
(perhaps with Lua data format...).


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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