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John Passaniti wrote:
> > * If there was a wiki at tecgraf /, the Lua
> > authors would lose the complete control they
> > currently have over the site content.
> Nope.  There is nothing intrinsic about Wiki and Wiki-like
> systems that *requires* public access.  While it is certainly true
> that "out of the box" most Wiki and Wiki-like software grants
> public access to allow anyone to edit anything, that is more an
> artifact of the Wiki community's expectations rather than some
> intrinsic feature about the software.  I run two Wiki
> systems that only I have the ability to edit.

>From the Lua wiki home page:

    "I am aware of the Lua wiki at, but decided to set
up this one because it requires no login, and hence makes participation

Many people share Jean-Claude's view and want to contribute anonymously.
Furthermore having authentication increases the maintenance burden (someone
has to approve/disallow access) and requires even the casual user wanting to
correct a typo or broken link to wait until access is granted.