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On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 10:09:07AM -0700, Eric Ries wrote:
> I want to give my full support to this notion of a centralized Lua code
> repository. However, I think we should look to other successful repositories
> for guidance on how it should work. Personally, I have always been impressed
> with the quality and caliber of CPAN, the central Perl archive. They have
> tons of high-quality modules available for download. They've even developed
> their own perl-based packaging and download tools, so that you can easily
> install modules and follow dependencies, etc.

I'd like this too.  perl's CPAN and php's PEAR are excellent ways to keep
everyone connected with a live repository and encourage maintainership
without scattering packages all over the net.  I realize that many people
will be extending something proprietary with Lua, but that doesn't mean
they won't find, say, a Lua module for speaking Jabber from their
application (game?) useful sometime in the future...

Bret Mogilefsky * Mgr. SCEA Developer Support *