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> Error 00032. 0x130410 (Thread 0x02D0):
> Access overrun: Attempt to access 99 byte(s) at 0x01086B58, that is at offset
>  20 in heap block 0x01086B44 which is only 68 bytes long.
> sprintf(0x01D4F5E8, 0x0049B577 ["string "%.99s""], 0x01086B58 ["lwrite("This
>  is a test"); I wonder where we are"], ...)

May this be a bug in `sprintf'? Or is it just a coincidence that it trys 
to access 99 bytes when the format is "%.99s"?

The debugger itself prints the string with only 48 bytes:

  strlen("lwrite("This is a test"); I wonder where we are") == 47

The block size seems to be OK: 20 bytes of header (5 integers/pointers) +
48 bytes for the string == 68 bytes.

-- Roberto