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Does building the Lua libraries with LUA_DEBUG defined, set the 
requirement that Lua states be closed opposite the order in which 
they where opened?

I ask because when LUA_DEBUG is defined, the following causes an 
assert inside lua_close() to fail:

	lua_State *state0 = lua_open( 0 );
	lua_State *state1 = lua_open( 0 );

	/* nothing is done with the states here */

	lua_close( state0 ); /* <== assertion failure here */
	lua_close( state1 );

but this does not:

	lua_State *state0 = lua_open( 0 );
	lua_State *state1 = lua_open( 0 );

	lua_close( state1 );
	lua_close( state0 );

The assert that fails is at in lstate.c, line 119:

	LUA_ASSERT(L != lua_state || memdebug_numblocks == 0, "memory 

If I build the libraries with out LUA_DEBUG defined, both code 
snippits above work fine. I've build the library with both the Lcc-
Win32 and MSVC++ compilers, with the same results.

BTW, I'm using version 4.0.

Any insights,