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[]Im Auftrag von Roberto
Gesendet: Sonntag, 22. Juli 2001 02:41
An: Multiple recipients of list
Betreff: Re: Roberto book, persistance, data structures

> No recent news of the book. I suppose Roberto is focussing on the release
> Lua 4.1...

Yes. But I am planning to do another release of the current state of the
book, soon.

> Even more if the book must be updated to this version...

It won't (or more exaclty, it doesn't need to).

> Do you plan to release the whole, finished book in electronic form, in
> addition to the printed form?

First I must plan to finish it ;-)

-- Roberto

I hope you will be extending the part, where the C(++) <-> LUA cooperations
is looked at as LUA is an embeddable language and I think many people are
using lua with the C-API to get their work done.
But the book was great anyway ;)

regards Mario