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>   This is the one we use to build that library.

I didn't quite follow how this one works since SRC, and INC are never actually used as far as I could tell, but it showed me what I needed to know to build my own boardland make file, instead of using the cygwin make program.

I'm assuming cygwin make does some kind of magic with SRC and INC?

#  Lua

SRC  =  lapi.c lcode.c ldebug.c ldo.c lfunc.c lgc.c llex.c lmem.c lobject.c 
EXPINC= lua.h luadebug.h

INC =   lapi.h lcode.h ldebug.h ldo.h lfunc.h lgc.h llex.h llimits.h lmem.h