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On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Philippe Lhoste wrote:

> It is nice and easy, but for very large databases, it seems there is a
> problem of a limit of the number of available i-nodes. Again, I don't
> know the exact figures, but you may be aware of this problem, and
> perhaps aggregate data at a higher level (by hour or by day).

The number of available i-nodes may be a real problem only if you have a
very large number of small files, since is required for each distinct
file. Modern multivolume filesystems (a.k.a.  logical volume managers) can
help you with this. You may also create the filesystems with smaller
inodes. I used to do so for usenet news archives, since INN stores each
message as an individual file (a long long time ago, when BOFH was my main
role :-).

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