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>It goes without saying I trust you lua gods more than I trust,
>for example, Real Networks.

Of course, we value your trust and we certainly don't want to give away
email addresses to spammers. We are committed to maintaining your privacy
as much as ours.

Yahoo Groups is committed to privacy, though of course we have no control over
this. As far as I understand, the only way for spammers to harvest email
addresses in Yahoo mailing lists is to subscribe to the list and get the
addresses from the posting they get. There is nothing we can do about this.
(Plus, addresses are already available at the lua-l archives in our ftp site.)

Perhaps then it would be better not to add anyone automatically to Yahoo
Groups, but rather to invite the current subscribers to join. Like I said,
all this can be done directly by email -- no need for registering with Yahoo
or using the web.

Originally, I thought of simply adding everyone to lua-l to Yahoo. I thought
this would be the simplest solution for everyone (less noise and hassle).
Anyone that did not like this could then unsubscribe and perhaps subscribe
with a different address.

Another solution is to host lua-l some place else. Norman Ramsey has agreed
to do it in Harvard, if we need it. This would be an ezmlm list, which would
work much like it is today, except that it is fully automatic. The list at
Yahoo Groups would continue to exist, exactly as it is today, as an alternative
interface for those who want it.

Before we move lua-l to Yahoo, if this happens at all, we will send messages
directly to everyone in the list detailing our plans.

Perhaps further feedback on this topic should be send directly to me instead
of to the list, so that we can go back to discussing Lua!