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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo writes:

> >I believe constant strings in functions won't be collected
> When a function is collected, everything in it is collected as well,
> including string literals.

Yeah.  I figured that out on the drive home.  Apparently I've been spending
too much time away from languages with closures.  So I'll restate:

Constant strings in functions stored in the global environment, like those
created by flconvert, won't be collected.

It's still a correctness problem.  I'm probably going to solve it for now by
way of a layer of Lua code, since there doesn't appear to be any good way to
insert code into toLua-generated constructors.  (By the way, code insertion
into constructors would let me stuff the widget class tag into the
Fl_Widget->user_data() and let me reconstitute arbitrary Fl_Widget * into
the appropriately tagged toLua subclasses.)