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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo schrieb:

> ...
> So, we're considering moving lua-l fully to Yahoo Groups. Everyone will be
> automatically added to lua-l at Yahoo Groups and so this move will be mostly
> transparent. Also, I understand that you do not need an Yahoo ID to be a
> member
> of an Yahoo group: everything can be handled by email.
> You only need an Yahoo ID if you want to use the services of Yahoo Groups,
> such
> as changing your subscription to digest or web, for instance.
> This message is just to let you know our plans regarding lua-l.
> Do any of you object to this move?
>> Erik Hougaard schrieb:
>> I understand you concerns, but I do not think that Yahoo is the correct
>> "independant" place to the ownership of the list. I would suggest that this
>> should be handled by the Lua world.
>> How about giving the current list server program to the people on the list,
>> somebody will properly be willing to host the list ?
>> Or, simple "outsource" the operation of the current solution to somebody on
>> the list ?
>> My reservation about Yahoo has to do with the way that ezboard (a popular
>> bulletin board system) has been progressing, I do not want the Lua list to
>> plastered with commercials or maybe a banner/popup loaded web interface.
>> /Erik
I also don't like the idea of being subscribed (and known) to Yahoo's eGroups
too much.
I have used some of their serives in the past, and they all equally turned from
something useful gathering many users into spam-plagued
"announcement"-spreaders. I can only support Erik's description about the
EzBoards, the same has happened to "Yahoo!Clubs".
Therefore, * is entered into my spam list.

I there was another option, like sourceforge, I'd rather vote for that.