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At 10:10 10/07/01 +0900, "John Belmonte" <> wrote:
>lhf wrote:
>> I think ads appear only in the web interface.
>> I've subscribed to a C list at Yahoo as a test and I got no ads.
>> I also subscribe lua-l at Yahoo and get no ads at all.
>> If there were ads, I'd not use Yahoo.
>I don't have any complaint about moving to Yahoo.  However I'd like to point
>out that just because they don't attach ads today doesn't mean they won't
>change their policy tomorrow.  If you are opposed to ads then you should be
>prepared for the possibility of someday having to move the list again or pay
>an opt-out charge.

I too would unsubscribe if ads were to appear.

Philippe Lhoste mentioned ads in HTML formatted messages.
I'm not sure what this means in practice, but I would also
unsubscribe if I started receiving HTML.

(who considers himself a purist, rather than a luddite)