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From: "Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo" <>
| So, we're considering moving lua-l fully to Yahoo Groups.

Havent used Yahoo groups much, don't know how much its changed from being
egroups (which used to be ok). I'm on a couple of sourceforge mailing lists and
they work fine. Works just like this list. The web interface is geocrawler which
seems to be a little slower than Yahoo but it works. You can just use the
mailing list facility and distribute files from Sourceforge. You dont have to
put your CVS source tree on there. I know we have had this discussion before and
you dont want to. Possible advantages of going onto sourceforge: you are part of
an open source development community and the Lua project will be searchable and
connected to the sourceforge (you could get some good coverage for increasing
the popularity of the language). Sourceforge will develop features for a
community supporting open source. (eg. They have render farms so you can test
portablity of your code). I also think you're possibly less likely to get
advertising in the future on sourceforge than you would on Yahoo? Yahoo has
shareholders, Sourceforge is a free sponsored open source initiative.