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>Well, the lua-l list at yahoogroups as it is now, only allows receiving daily
>digests. This is not satisfactory for me (to many others I believe) as I don't
>like to read digests.. 

This will be fixed once lua-l becomes a native Yahoo list.

>Unfortunately a move to a pure yahoo groups based operation would
>exclude some of us (including myself) since the yahoo site does not
>support netscape properly.

You don't need to read lua-l at Yahoo via web.
Once the move is done, everyone will receive posting as soon as they as posted.
Only if you do want digests do you need to use the web. And then only once.
After that, digests are delivered by email.

So, to repeat: A move to Yahoo will not imply that you'll need to read lua-l
at Yahoo via web or that you'd only get digests. Hopefully, it will be just
like it is today.

>Would it not be possible to run a majordomo based list or similar?

The problem with listserv/listproc/majordomo is that they deliver postings
very slowly (they do a single sendmail process, which then delivers messages
one by one; it takes *hours* for a large list such as lua-l, which has 340
subscribers at TeCGraf and 160 at Yahoo). The current list server that I wrote
uses a sendmail process for each 3 subscribers and is very fast for this reason.

I don't have any special reason for choosing Yahoo except that there is a
lua-l list already there. This is the least noise solution.