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> If I find time to make it work, I would let you know. I hope the same on
> your side :-)

Of course, but I have no plans to try getting it working.

> I don't feel like learning a new language (time is short)

My thoughts exactly.

> Of the dozen of HTML preprocessors on the Net, I discard those trying to use
> the HTML syntax (pseudo tags).

I actually like that idea, as it means that I can use standard HTML editing
modes. With any luck, something like psgml should even recognise
non-standard tags and put them in a different colour.

> There is also Jamal, listed as link on the chpp pages, but with incorrect
> URL :( The correct URL is:

Seems rather underpowered: no automatic facilities for image sizes &c.

WPP I looked at this morning, and is quite attractive (largely because it
seems to do what I want and little more; it does calculate image sizes in
the current version, I think). GTML and HTMLPP both seem rather more
powerful, and also potentially useful.

Nonetheless, I don't want to be constrained at times when a little
programming would dig me out of a hole (and it's so much nicer if the few
lines I need can be embedded in the document I'm editing).

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