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The "Building Flexible and Extensible Web Application with Lua" paper (found
is very interesting and shows the usefulness of CGILua

I like, among other things, the clean and logical syntax of Lua commands
embedded in HTML pages.

Since I don't have a Web server where I can install CGILua executables
(unless they are rewritten in Perl...), I don't have much use of the HTTP side
But I still have a strong interest in the template parsing side, to generate
statically Web pages from templates and data.

There are a number of such applications that already exists, but either they
use proprietary pseudo-HTML tags (heurk!) or are written in Perl or other
language I don't master, and therefore are hard to improve (for me).

So I have two questions / requests:

- Will there be a Lua 4.0 (or 4.1) version of CGILua?

- If not (or even if yes!), can you release part or all of CGILua source
code? As stated above, I am mainly interested by the template parsing code.
Of course, using the article and binary distribution, I suppose I can
recreate this functionality. But not without a lot of work, bugs, etc.
So, if a NDA doesn't allows you to release the source code, I hope you can
at least give advices or code snippets.

Thank you very much. Lua is really a great language!

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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