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>   void CExampleAppUi::ConstructL()
>   {
>      ...
>      // Disable control environment's automatic resource checking
>      // If we don't do this when using stdlib, we get a CONE 36 panic
>      iCoeEnv->DisableExitChecks(ETrue);
>      ...
>   }

Hmm...guess I'd better mention this in my docs too.

> For the rest, are you people using Lua with Eikon?  And if so, are you
> using toLua or how do you do it?

My Lua distribution comes in two flavours: a C++ kit and an OPL kit (see under Lua). The OPL kit allows Lua to call and be
called by OPL, so you can build Eikon apps by writing an OPL library to do
the UI. This is mainly aimed at people hacking on their Psions (as I do).
The C++ kit doesn't offer any way of scripting C++ bits in Lua, and I've not
heard from anyone who has tried using the existing tools.

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