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At 03:27 PM 10/4/2000 +0100, Reuben Thomas wrote:
>I tried compiling up lua 4.0b under mingwin (well, cygwin with
>-mno-cygwin), and the binary crashes on startup with a Windows error
>box. Building with Cygwin works fine. I get no warnings or errors during
>compilation; has anyone else had this problem? I can build other mingwin
>binaries that work (indeed, that's what I spend my time doing, mostly!).
>I'm using Cygwin 1.1.4, but had the same problem with B20.1. I'm also
>using the latest version of 4.0b; I changed nothing in the config file
>except to comment out _POSIX_SOURCE and add -mno-cygwin to CFLAGS, and to
>the relevant lines of the lua and luac Makefiles.
> | certain, a.  insufficiently analysed

Today I attempted to build Lua-4.0 using the following:

Windoze 98

As with the Reuben Thomas' message from October of last
year, building with -mno-cygwin appears to be successful
but lua.exe just hangs when executed (no errors displayed
in my case and it can be terminated with CTRL-C).  Luac
*does* work.  Any idea what's going on with lua.exe?