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or you could have tables of source? (which wouldnt require parsing)

_source = {
    ['class Point'] = [[
function Point()
    local p = {}
    p.x,p.y = 0,0
    return p

Tables of source..I do like that idea. Flexible little language, isn't it?

>>I'd be willing to help work on a library to support this. Sort of on the
topic, had anyone been crazy enough to make an XML parser for lua?

I agree with Reuben, little point in doing this as you could store stuff as
shown above. :-)

Yup, that you could. Certainly will make things easier. Thanks for the feedback.

Is this whole idea too restrictive and application specific?

No, I think this could be made into a fairly general module: the lua live code database (er...whatever, not quite awake yet). I can see there being a few restrictions, won't know until we try.

I'll start jotting this down into a design spec. Will post it in a few days.

Scott Rutledge