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> I was checking my file for this EOF marker, but there was none. Next, I
> removed the CR (0x0D), and this worked fine. I never thought this
> could be a
> problem, so it took some time until I finally tried what first seemed
> improbable to me. Is this a bug, or a feature?!

I would put that in the bug list... A really portable application should
handle EOL as CR, LF or CR+LF.

> A real "new-line"
> needs both

"Real" in Windows world... CR in Mac world, LF in Unix world.

> However, do you know a nice editor for Windows that
> uses LF only
> as a new-line-marker?
> Matt

An opportunity for a plug I shouldn't let slip...
SciTE ( manages the three formats.
By default, it saves in the same format as read. You can also choose a
line-ending format and convert the file before saving it. A bit too much,
but you can also type different line-ends in the same file. Useful to test
the robustness of some applications, though...
And it has Lua syntax highlighting!

Now, to be honest, there are a number of good freeware text editors that
correctly manage these issues.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist