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LispMe is the only good, completely free PalmOS -> PalmOS development
environment that I've been able to find (if you know of another,
please let me know!). But I find lisp difficult to read and maintain,
so I took it upon myself to port Lua to PalmOS so that I could learn
the PalmOS development environment.

After putting hacks around most of the file I/O, I was able to get
'everything' to compile. I ran into problems linking, plus I knew
there were many other roadblocks ahead. So I thought I'd check with
this eGroup before proceeding.

I searched the archives and found a smattering of discouraging
messages, mostly having to do with a dynamic memory limit of 96k

Is there anyone still working on porting Lua to PalmOS?

Doug Rogers

PS - USA takes FIFA World Cup in 2010! :)