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Edgar Toernig wrote:
> The few syntactical changes in Sol only makes some things a little
> bit nicer, mainly:
> Foo = {
> function foo1() ... end
> function foo2() ... end
> ...
> }
> That is normal function definitions within tables without the need for

I don't think this is too useful.  Since access to Foo's names from within
foo1() and foo2() still have to be explicit (for example, Foo.foo1), I don't
mind being explicit about the function definition in the same way.  (After
changing the parser to accept multiple .'s in the function name I've been
much happier with this situation.  Any verdict from the Lua authors on that
change yet?)

Regarding the module discussion (and real-time GC, etc., etc.), it's easy
for both of us to shoot holes in things that don't exist.  If I design
something, and I have a feeling you are the same way, the result is going to
be solid or else I'll give it up along the way.