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This is to `announce' not-tolua, some C++ header files for Lua 4.0, that
attempt to provide similar functionality (but see below) with tolua,
without using anything else than C++ templates and macros (not even lua

In other words what it does is, with your help, exposes the classes
you've already defined to Lua code, without requiring any modifications
to your classes. 

Currently functionality includes:
* member variables (lua callbacks automatically generated for ground
types or 
* methods
* single inheritance
* constructors with table arguments that set member vars
* destructors

Missing functionality:
* proper type checking in Lua (inheritance breaks it)
* multiple inheritance (not sure if it's any good though)
* objects always must be default constructible
* garbage collection

Find it at the Lua site in the addons section. Documentation is null,
but an example is included and if anyone is interested I'll be happy to
answer questions/improve the code/add docs.