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>Is it possible to access the 4.1 release? Could not find a public CVS
>repository or something like that... Do you have a preliminary release

4.1 is not ready, not even for alpha. No, there is no CVS access.
I think 4.1 alpha will be released sometime around April, but no promises.

>And what about the UNICODE/wchar_t issue? I saw comments on that in postings
>from 98-99.

This issue is complicated by the absence of platfortms accesible to us that
implement UNICODE and wchar_t. Not even Linux does.
So, it's not in our immediate plans, but we'd like to hear what should be
changed so that we can plan our code for easy change. That would be a very
good topic for a Lua Technical Note.

>It should be possible to handle that as well, shouldn't it,
>using something like the scheme Microsoft is using in their code... If there
>is something I can do to help, I will be glad to do so!

I'm not familiar with Microsoft's scheme.