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Hi all,

I am pretty new to this list, so sorry if my question is kind of obvious or
something. I did search the history at egroups, but came up short.

My question is this: Is there an ongoing effort to get lua running on
windows ce?

I found some references in the history, but they all dated back to 98-99.

I see two main problems with running on windows ce:

1. Windows CE is not fully ANSI compliant (missing libs).
2. UNICODE and wide characters.

None of these should be impossible to overcome, and it would be so great to
have a slick, lean, extendable scripting language on a wince device.

I actually got it to "almost" compile on wince out of the box, the ANSI
functions I found missing are:

- freopen
- system
- remove
- rename
- tmpnam
- getenv
- clock
- time
- localtime
- strftime


Johan Liseborn
CTO and Co-Founder
Hotsip AB