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> You can look at the dates: lua-4.0.tar.gz is dated 6 Nov 2000 19:15,
> and so it's still the original release.

I presumed as much but I thought I'd ask anyway. The post the other day in
which a (albeit non-important) bug was exposed got me to thinking about it.
I was expecting to at least see a file in the ftp directory that mentioned
these sorts of "non-issues", or a collection of patches or something. It
seemed to me to be a shame that that's not the case, since otherwise the
only way to know when something like this is found is to read the list or
it's archive. If you don't have the time to do something like that on a
regular basis, you could end up ramming your head against something that
someone already figured out. I hate it when there's some difficulty and time
spent discovering what is the problem, and then when you find out someone
says "oh yeah, I knew about that". Argh! :)

> It's a gzip'ed unix mailbox.
> You're probably not setting binary transfers on your ftp client or your
> web browser does not know about .gz files.

Well this is more creepy than anything. I used Win98's command line ftp
client twice to download this, and the file was somehow corrupt, even though
I did use binary mode (the second time at the least :). WinZip saw the file
as a collection of several hundred text files, of which only about 4 would
not extract because of "corruption". I then downloaded it on my linux box
and it worked fine. After copying the .gz file to windows, WinZip was happy
with it, but it actually showed up as a single file like it should (thank
god, it's way easier to manipulate that way). I'm going to try and not
contemplate that too much.