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> >But does it work the other way around? I mean, if I write another Lua
> >interpreter (again, I don't have the skill to do it, and even less the
> >time!), which mimic exactly the Lua syntax and behavior, can I call it a Lua
> >interpreter?
> Yes, definitely! I'd love to see this as I think this would take Lua to
> a different level as an influential language. Do Perl or Python or TCL have
> more than one implementation? But Scheme does.


There are currently (at least) two python implementations, on in C
(CPython, or 'regular' python) and Jython (nee JPython) which is
implemented in Java, and (I think) generates java bytecodes.

I think there is a Java implementation of Tcl called either Jacl or TCL
Blend.  I forget which one.

Another example is prolog -- there are many prolog interpreters -- in
fact I was searching for a good one for my daughter last night.

-- cary