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> It's an interesting article (myself being a RISC OS person) to read.  It's
> worth noting though, that I've happily had programs in Lua be pre-emptivly
> multitasked with no trouble at all.  Also, my own efforts in allowing
> programs written in Lua to call SWIs (RiscLua doesn't come in library form,
> so it can't be included in other programs easily) actually create a SWI
> instruction to call, rather than using OS_CallASWI.  Although OS_CallASWI is
> more 'correct', it doesn't tend to be available in earlier versions of RISC
> OS (anything before 3.7, IIRC).

A little off-topic, but there is a CallASWI module that allows versions of
RISC OS back to 3.1 to use OS_CallASWI. It's only about 500 bytes long.

More on-topic-ly, I'm writing an LTN about interfacing Lua to other
languages, based on my experience with OPL. (Since I was the person who
complained about the lack of LTNs in the first place, this seemed only

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