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What about accepting the ugly stuff if it comes inside parentheses,
like in

    function (mylib.MyClass):method() ... end

contrasted to the problematic

    function mylib.MyClass:method() ... end


This isn't accepted right now, but I think that allowing it would be a
simple (and reasonably elegant) change and wouldn't break anything or
create any ambiguities.

  Eduardo Ochs

John Belmonte wrote:
> I don't need the full sugar (the embedded function call), just one
> more teaspoon to cover a very common case:
>     function mylib.MyClass:method() ... end
> Let's try the "accepted syntax":
>     -- oops, you can't do this!
>     mylib.MyClass:method = function() ... end
> So now we're down to:
>     mylib.MyClass.method = function(self) end
> Which makes it very hard to identify class members functions in your
> code, even with syntax highlighting.  And you've lost the method
> definition sugar.
> The "temp variable" workaround is the worst looking of all, and
> defeats trying to keep everything inside mylib:
>     local temp = mylib.MyClass
>     function temp:method() ... end
> Please consider Edgar's function definition extension for Lua.