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>Personally, I think the discussion forum would be improved by moving it to a
>newsgroup (look at comp.lang.python as an example - you have a community
>there). Different threads could be discussed more coherently. I know this
>has been mentioned before, maybe there are enough people now?

There are currently 292 people in lua-l plus 114 at eGroups (or shold I say
Yahoo now?). That's more than 400 people. (And yet this does not really reflect
on our list of known uses of Lua! Please, everyone, add your project!)

Last time we discussed about this, the general feeling was that it's a lot of
work to create a newsgroup in comp.* plus many people prefered a mailing list
instead of a newsgroup.

>- Or maybe I
>just need to get a decent mail browser that can sort my mail

Don't Netscape Mail readeer or Eudora sort mail into threads?

>I think its worth saying that Lua probably wouldnt be the language that it is
>if the developers hadnt been so focussed and a bit stubborn.

I'm glad I didn't have to say that myself :-)

About our plans for Lua and how we value input from the community, see my
message in the lua-l archives.
This message is almost an year old, but its main points are still valid.