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wishes for coroutines have come up again lately.  So I thought
I make a first snapshot of Sol.  It's a heavily modified Lua
that contains coroutines, unified methods and a lot of other
things I wanted to try out.

It's far from finished yet.  Especially the documentation is
nearly non existent.  I wouldn't advise Sol to anyone who has
not at least some experience with Lua.  It's work in progress
and not debugged very well (ok, no _known_ bugs).  And, it's
incompatible with Lua.  It has some minor syntax changes, some
semantic differences, a changed C API, ...

This file (and of course the
sources) is the only documentation available at the moment.

The snapshot is here:

I've indented and renamed the source.  To let you see what was
changed in the code I've uploaded a version of Lua with only the
whitespace/renaming changes.  Diffs between this version and
the 0.41 version shows you what I've changed from Lua.  It's

The tarred version is #defed for coroutines (in src/scoro.h).
But that will only work on x86/linux.  The low level coroutine
support is in src/llcoro.[ch].  Good luck ;)

I do this just for fun.  I've no project (at the moment *g*) that
makes use of Sol.  It's just to try out things, see what can be
made better (IMHO of course ;) or different.  Ideas, discussion,
questions, comments, ... are really welcome.

Ciao, ET.