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Reuben Thomas wrote:

>I finally managed to download your binaries archive (which doesn't appear
>be up-to-date with your project files). Simply allowing cookies to and from
>your site wasn't enough; I had to stop using Junkbuster altogether...grr...

You have downloaded the previous version I proposed. As I stated in my
previous mail, if you want to create the DLLs, you have to clean the
projects, otherwise they will use the .obj files created for the .exe which
are statically linked.
I corrected this in my new projects, but I am waiting to see if my resource
version strings are OK for the Lua team before releasing it.
I can send it, though.

>One question: the Lua.exe and LuaC.exe binaries seem to be statically
>linked. What's the point of this?

I first tried to mimic the previous release of Lua (3.2). I dropped that in
the new version, everyting is dynamically linked, giving much smaller


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist