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> I would also include the Reuben Thomas' bitwise logical operator library,
> but I am a bit reluctant to add non-official extensions. Perhaps as a
> secondary DLL?

I included bitlib in my EPOC port, but I agree with your reservations (I
didn't include it in the RedHat RPMs, but that's just a straight build). On
EPOC I already have enough bits, and the big problem is that there's no easy
way to dynamically add libraries to a Lua state from OPL (you can't get hold
of DLL symbols by name at run-time).

Under Windows, however, making a secondary DLL seems perfectly reasonable,
though it might be nice to wrap up loading it and opening it in a state (and
other potential secondary DLLs) in a call accessible in the main Lua DLL.

> The regex library is interesting too, but needs to use an external regex
> library, so it is likely to bloat the binary. A secondary DLL is the logical
> place for such a library. (Speaking of the Windows world, of course.)

That sounds about right. On Linux I use the GNU regex library, which is
built into glibc, and hence causes no bloat. Henry Spencer's regex library
compiles up to about 34Kb under Linux as a shared library, which is fairly
economical. I think it might even have been already porteed to Windows; I'll
soon know more as I intend to port it to EPOC, whose DLLs are based on
Windows DLLs and built with the same tools.

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