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With respect to the output stream problem on Windows. ie. you cannot
redirect stdout easily to catch Lua output.

How about adding:

typedef void (*lua_print)(char*,...);
lua_print lua_stderr = lua_defaulterr;
lua_print lua_stdout = lua_defaultout;

then all Lua output can be sent to lua_stdout & lua_stderr,

lua_stderr("An error occured %s", "this file.");

instead of

fprintf(stderr,"An error occured %s", "this file.");

with default values:

void lua_defaulterr(char* p_print,...)
 va_list ap;
    va_start(ap, p_print);
 vfprintf(stderr,p_print, ap);

void lua_defaultout(char* p_print,...)
 va_list ap;
    va_start(ap, p_print);
 vfprintf(stdout,p_print, ap);

then you can use change lua_stdout to, say:

void lua_mystdout(char* fmt,...)
 char buff[256];
 va_list arglist;

 va_start(arglist, fmt);
 vsprintf(buff, fmt, arglist);


It's a bit more elegant than macros?


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