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Hi all,
   I'm very new to Lua and evaluating it for use as the server-side
scripting language for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game
(MMOLRPG). It seems to be fast and expandable, which are the two main
requirements I have. I have been trying to write functions to implement
namespaces by overriding setglobal and getglobal. I'm trying to implement
namespaces by sticking everything into a global table of that name. I'm
using pushcclosure with this table on the stack and a count of 1 for this.
For some reason, in my getglobal replacement, the stack has:

1: the string of the name of the variable
2: nil!?
3: the upvalue table.

What I am wondering is why in the world this "nil" value is appearing on
the stack in between the single parameter to getglobal and the upvalue. As
far as I can tell, getglobal only has one parameter and one result. Is the
"nil" a placeholder for my result?



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